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Salvatore Otranto is a big fan of photography,
music and art in general.


He began as a self-taught, and since 1986 is in the world of professional photography, through various laboratory experiments and photographic genres, and exhibiting his works in several exhibitions.
The well-known brand Olympus commissioned a photographic exhibition
be taken with the new equipment, after which it becomes an official partner.
It has long specialized in photography for Weddings and Special Events.
Carry out their profession with enthusiasm, even sending it to the people he photographs.



Salvatore Otranto with its photos documenting the entire wedding day, giving the exclusive to couples who book their first photo shoot. His photos tell the wedding day from the preparations of the bride at the conclusion of the reception, with a keen eye to capture the emotions in a natural and spontaneous.
Then choose the images together with the spouses of service.
Personally performs the post-production imaging, printing and layout of the book, optimizing their shots by the taste of the couple, making a few adjustments and only if necessary, thus leaving 'all the beauty of nature!

Fotografo Napoli , Italia, World Available Photographer